Superlink Consultant Ltd., established since 1993, is a firmly based marketing company specializing in corporate PR, financial PR, consumer marketing and market research. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Superlink now presence in Beijing, Guangzhou, Henan, Shanghai, Shenzhen. Our strong professional team possesses unrivalled proficiency in public relations, marketing, financial media and journalism.

With our creative and tailor-made communication strategies and a highly experienced professional team, Superlink has rapidly built a reputation in the public relations field. We provide all-round public relations and marketing services to enhance our clients' reputations and help achieve their business goals.

Our services include event management, financial public relations, strategic media promotion planning, corporate identity construction, brand building, strategic consumer marketing planning and positioning, crisis management, creative productions, market research etc.

Our Mission

Superlink aims at providing integrated and creative solutions for our clients with the highest standard services, strategic and professional public relations planning, as well as our excellent relations with various media.

Our Values

Superlink believes that Public Relations is the most influential tool to reinforce market positioning, expand market share and facilitate the publicity generation for our clients' product and service.

Through the strategic deployment of our communication means, we act as a formidable hidden persuader to alter the public conception to the brand and hence influence their buying decision.

We believe that public relations by its very nature, must be "planned", "deliberate" and "sustained" if we would like to deliver value to our clients. Though an effective public relations programme takes time and effort to implement, its reward can be extremely beneficial and far-reaching than other communications tools, like advertising and sales promotions.